The 21 Day Meditation Challenge

A Program For Discovering The Full Power Of Meditation

The 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Take The 21 Day Meditation Challenge

& Experience For Yourself The Full Potential of Meditation

This 21 day guided meditation challenge was created by internationally renowned meditation teacher and founder of The Way of Meditation Chad Foreman and is designed to guide you through gradual stages of meditation from the basics of relaxation and mindfulness to the most profound experiences of the clear light of awareness.

Creating one of the healthiest habits of your life and contacting a deep sense of peace and the natural bliss of awareness.

Meditate for 20 minutes a day for 21 days and experience:

  • Therapeutic benefits including helping to overcome depression, stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. These 21 guided meditations are deeply relaxing and healing.
  • Mind Training - become less judgemental, respond not react, develop clarity, focus and concentration, learn to foster kindness for yourself and others.
  • Discover a hidden treasure of inner bliss, happiness and natural joy.
  • Full support from a fully qualified meditation teacher.
  • Powerful meditation methods from a wide range of Buddhist meditation traditions.

Includes meditation articles from some of the greatest meditation masters of all time sharing their experience and wisdom.

This is an authentic meditation course which combines the direct experience of guided meditations with teachings from great meditation masters.

This is more than a challenge it's a 21 Day Meditation Course

* It's 21 Different Guided Meditations Leading You Gradually To Profound & Deep Experiences of Meditation

Create The Healthiest Habit of your Life

Taking the challenge and meditating for 21 days has an amazing and powerful impact on the mind. Research has shown it takes 21 days to establish a habit. These meditation methods are designed to ingrain the healthy habit of daily meditation and penetrate to the core of your being. Meditating at the same time every day, you will look forward to your practice and develop strong neural pathways in your brain that will establish a life long healthy and enlightened habit. You will literally be growing your brain becoming smarter, less stressed and happier.

Meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself

Modern neuroscience has already demonstrated the immense benefits that you can derive from a consistent meditation practice. Meditation has been used effectively to treat major mental health issues like depression and anxiety and drastically reduces stress. It grows parts of your brain associated with intelligence and empathy and helps to live calmly.

Traditionally Buddhist meditation has been used to achieve deep states of calm and insight, unlocking resources of inner peace and well being. In the modern world meditation is indispensable to maintain a stable and healthy mind, help manage strong emotions and find a deeply satisfying sense of peace in your life.

Full Support

Chad Foreman is dedicated in supporting you every step of the way with free unlimited email contact. Chad also offers face to face private support. Chad is a fully qualified meditation teacher with the Australian Institute of Meditation, he has spent 6 years in a Buddhist retreat hut studying and practising full time with a Tibetan Buddhist Guru. During that time he also committed to 1 year of celibacy as a Buddhist monk. Chad now brings you the powerful ancient Buddhist teachings into the modern world to help transform your life. Chad has also studied psychology and counselling at university which enables him to present a modern, non religious approach of ancient spiritual wisdom.

Having the ongoing support of a meditation expert like Chad Foreman is incredibly valuable

Essays and Articles From Meditation Experts

Each of the 21 Guided Meditations comes with a lesson about what you are meditating on and further reading from great masters and meditation experts. Combining your practice with study is an effective way to quckly progress in your meditation training. It is vital to actually sit down and experience the meditations directly but it is also important to develop the knowledge of what your are doing and why.

After completing the 21 day program you will be equipped to understand and create your own daily meditations. You will not only have knowledge of meditation you will also have had the direct experiences yourself.

Here’s what people say about The 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Jerry W. Colwell From the US says:

"I took this challenge and recognized the Direct Experience it provides us. I had read and studied the True Reality. But, I had no teacher to show me or point me to experiencing this Truth. This meditation series shows us how to experience, simply and directly, the secret of the sages. This meditation series is beyond value. Thank you Chad Foreman."

Corneli Van Den Berg from South Africa says:

“The 21-Day Meditation Challenge is incredible! From Day One I experienced my practice gaining a deeper dimension. Every day builds on the day before, as you are led on a profound journey, with every step becoming more and more mindful of the silent and still inner awareness that you possess. There is so much to be gained from the 21 meditations, that I am busy doing the challenge for a second time, achieving even more insights. This is a journey I would recommend to anyone – beginner or experienced.”

Yolanda Kozma from Ontario, Canada says:

“The 21 Day Meditation Challenge helped me regain my confidence first in myself and then life in general. I had anxieties and I was constantly worried about life until I started the Meditation Challenge. The 21 Day Meditation Challenge taught me to accept life as it is without worries about the outcome. Thank you Chad for everything you do!”

Chris Huxtable from Chicago, USA says:

“If anyone has been interested in meditation but has been too overwhelmed with how or where to start, I really recommend this. It’s a 21 day course with a daily guided meditation and reading articles from mediation masters to go along with it. The creator studied with Buddhist Lamas for a decade so he teaches the authentic time tested science of meditation not a watered down version.”

Mike Melaragno from Ohio, USA says:

“Chad’s 21 Day Meditation changed my life in more ways than one. Mostly, it helped me establish a daily meditation routine which, over the course of several months, brought a childlike energy back into my life. With my mind quieter, I now see the challenges of my life as initiates to greatness as opposed to obstacles to overcome.”

Ingela Erlandsson from Kristianstad, Sweden says:

“Dear Chad! Thanks a million for your work! So helpful! I bougtht your 21day meditation course and I am slowly working my way into it. The Love and Forgiveness meditation took me two weeks of crying and breathing and embracing. This is the first time I have forgiven myself in my heart, not just in my mind. And I think it was Kristin Neff that once said ‘you have to feel it to heal it’ and your teachings offered me a safe space to do that.”

Denis Wyssbrod from Florida, USA says:

“I had been attempting meditation practice for several months before trying the 21 day challenge. Oh I would get periods when I thought I got the technique. But after awhile I would be questioning my practice and really didn’t have confidence. Then I came across the 21 day challenge. It was relatively easy and very effective. I tried to forget everything I had done up to that point and start over. I don’t know if there is a wrong way to meditate, other than not doing it at all. The 21 day challenge surly worked for me.”

Grischa Heinz from Zurich, Switzerland says:

“I came across the 21 Day Meditation Challenge in social media and gave it a try. Sitting 20 minutes each day for 21 consecutive days and following the guided meditation gave me a broad insight into meditation practice and different techniques. The readings provided excellent background knowledge. After having a video chat with Chad about how to deepen meditation experience, I completed a 10 day Vipassana course in January 2018. Since then I practice meditation on a daily base. Meditation has truly enriched my life and gives me an entirely new experience with tremendous positive impact on my daily life.”

What You Get:

  • 21 Guided Meditation Recordings guided by Chad Foreman to download and keep forever.
  • Meditation Articles from various great meditation masters full of wisdom and guidance.
  • Full support from a fully qualified meditation teacher and former Buddhist monk Chad Foreman to answer all questions, discuss progress and overcome any challenges via unlimited email contact.
  • Authentic meditation methods from a wide range of Buddhist meditation traditions.
  • A gradual path starting with basic relaxation, mindfulness and breathing exercises and ending with deeply profound levels of consciousness, non-dual awareness and Zen states.
  • Natural calming sounds are included in all the recordings for optimum stress relief and relaxation.
  • Establish a healthy habit. It takes 21 days to literally re-wire new neural pathways in your brain and create a new habit which will benefit you for life.
  • Therapeutic benefits including helping overcome depression, stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. These meditations are deeply relaxing and healing .
  • Easy to follow and understand guided meditations without any jargon. There are no confusing religious terms or Sanskrit – everything is presented in English with clear and modern instructions.
  • Instantly receive all the guided meditations there is no waiting or drip feeding. You can do the meditations whenever you like in any time frame that suits you and keep them for life.
  • Learn the details about the meditation method you’re practising and why it’s beneficial with written instructions included with every guided meditation recording.
  • Modern neuroscience has demonstrated you can actually grow your brain becoming smarter and more focused with regular meditation.
  • Discover a hidden great treasure of inner happiness and natural joy.

You can Download All The Guided Meditations

You Get To Keep This Course Forever

What Exactly Is The 21 Day Meditation Challenge?

It is an authentic guided meditation experience. Meditate for twenty minutes a day using 21 different guided meditation recordings guided by experienced meditator and teacher Chad Foreman.

Learn from the best. Includes articles from the world leaders in meditation including The Dalai Lama, Alan Watts, Chad Foreman, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sharon Salzberg, Ramana Maharshi and more.

The daily guided meditations are not just talks they are powerful Buddhist methods to unlock your potential, clarify and connect you with the natural state of being which will enable a deep sense of peace, flow and clarity to arise.

Over the 21 days you will dissolve negative thoughts, melt away stress, overcome disturbing emotions and release energy blocks. This will ensure all obstacles will be removed to easily reveal the profound radiance and bliss of natural awareness.

This is a gradual easy to follow program from simple relaxation methods to profound states these 21 days include it all. Experience relaxation, pure presence, love, focus, clarity, mindfulness, the bliss of inner fire and discover the simplicity and natural joy of just being.

In the final stages there are guided meditations with methods from the greatest non-dual traditions like Zen, Dzogchen and Advaita Vedanta which point out the deepest and most profound levels of being.

This is a rare opportunity to receive guided meditations on profound subjects from an experienced meditation teacher. Chad Foreman is a former Buddhist monk, he has twenty years experience teaching and guiding people in meditation and is a fully qualified meditation teacher with The Australian Institute of Meditation. You get his full support through unlimited email contact. This is a rare opportunity to have direct contact and guidance from such an experienced meditator and teacher.

Your Instructor

Chad Foreman
Chad Foreman

Chad Foreman is the founder of The Way of Meditation and has been teaching meditation since 2003. He is a former Buddhist monk who spent six years living in a retreat hut studying and practicing meditation full time. He has received initiations and teachings from some of the most highly esteemed Tibetan Buddhist masters of our time. Chad's sense of humor, warmth and easy going teaching style make profound and ancient meditation methods easy to understand and accessible to everyone. He has written hundreds of meditation articles, taught workshops around the world, designed the online 21 Day Meditation Challenge, offers private meditation coaching, appeared in dozens of podcasts and has maintained his own daily meditation practice for over 20 years.

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