EMOTIONAL HEALING From Worry and Stress to Real Inner Strength

Transformational 10-Day Course combining Meditation and Tools from the Toolkits of Great Psychologists.

Find out the story behind all these powerful psychological tools.

Here are a few reasons to get this course.

Before we evolve, before we awaken, we need to heal our wounds. And when we are hurt, there is always an emotion there that has a message, that informs us what's important.
This transformational course works on 3 important levels: the conscious level, the subconscious level, the body, and the energy of connection and energy of finding purpose and the important message behind any emotion.
"Great course w tools that are both pragmatic and life changing."

"This is the best class I have ever taken [..]. It tackles emotions better than my therapist of 7 years."

Do you know those overwhelming feelings, where you think "I can't deal with this anymore!" ?

Those kinds of situations in which we might feel so much worry, anxiety, stress, deep sadness, or even so frustrated, irritated… and the feeling of not being able to come back to ‘homebase’ or feel at ease.

You deserve to feel at home with YOURSELF, with your emotions.

This is a journey inside, and for this kind of journey, you need the proper structure, a psychological framework - so that it's not just something scooped up from the internet - and moreover, clear steps and efficient practices.

MINDFULNESS. Meditation. PSYCHOLOGY. A unique and powerful combo for emotional healing:

  • Gain top psychological tools to mindfully deal with Emotional pain
  • Understand the basic childhood situations that make emotions feel so difficult to handle
  • Learn and practice a clear way to navigate difficult and painful emotions
  • Learn to add Mindfulness in relationships, finding your true values and emotional wellbeing
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by emotions - or feeling numbness.
  • Connecting with a deeper essence of you for emotional healing, even in difficult moments
  • Deepen awareness - while on the path of emotional healing

There is more…

This course is at least 60% practice - it's jam-packed with powerful techniques, instruments and insightful meditations like:

  • The H.I.N.T. Meditation and mind tool for immediate clarity and help right from Day 1
  • The Circle of Security exercise – understand where they come from. Yep, we go deep!
  • The Emotionmeter – driving and navigating clearly through difficult emotions
  • Filling the Cup meditation – for nurturing our soul and learning to offer self-kindness even in difficult times
  • The Hand exercise, The Tree, the Imago Communication Model- and many more, all evidenced based; backed-up by scientific research and… the intention to offer kindness and healing through this 10 day journey.

Is there anything better that you can do for 10-15 mins a day?

Yes, that's all is needed. This course will actually give you the most efficient tools straight out from the Toolkit of great Psychologists, using a mindfulness-based approach. 10 Days, 10-15 minutes per day of deep and insightful practice.

See the impact on the lives of other participants:

Jeanne K:

You will want to take some notes, so bring a pen and paper to jot down exercises,ideas and pocket practices, I loved this course.

Lucy, from London:

Hi Adriana, I don't have a question I would just like to comment. This is a wonderful course and thank you for sharing it. I have completed day 5 and it was most significant for me. All my life I have been looking for an understanding of myself and others. Day five of your course gave me a better understanding. I had heard of the bonding process children need from their significant people around them but today I have a better understanding. I believe everything happens for a reason and at the right time. I will look into Kent Hoffman and the Circle of security also. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you 🙏🏾 thank you

Jan, United Kingdom:

What an eye opener Adriana. Have just completed the first session and found it suited perfectly my need for a practical approach. I am certain that working through this course will help me to deal with strong emotions, as I am caring for my lovely husband who has cancer. You have a wonderful way of sharing your knowledge, thank you so much.

Katie. USA:

Great course w tools that are both pragmatic and life changing. I took away at least 3 teachings (HINT, “just like me,” nonviolent communication) that I intend to incorporate into my daily practice. Thank you!


This is the best class I have ever taken [..]. It tackles emotions better than my therapist of 7 years. It gives many examples and practices for handling emotions. I will take the class again and share it with others. 🙏



Here's what you'll learn, step by step:

DAY 1: Hands-on Instrument to Deal with Difficult Emotions

When difficult emotions appear, we might feel overwhelmed by them - some of us by fear, some by shame or sadness, or maybe anger. So, let's dive right in and start our course directly with an... HINT - an 11 minute guided meditation, based on research, that will ease the “OMG!” feeling - and for the neuroscience lovers - calm the amygdala in the brain.

DAY 2: Getting a HINT in Difficult Times

In this session, we'll explore and understand the mechanisms of this simple and yet powerful tool that you can have with you all day - the HINT - a kind of 'fire alarm' button in case of emotional emergency.

We will go through the process of an emotion - how much science shows that it actually stays in the body, then we'll identify the relation between emotions, thoughts and body sensations, going deeper into finding what it actually needs and how we can nurture them.

DAY 3: Psychology of Emotions

Now we will summarize in simple words the basic approach of scientific psychology on emotions. All our difficult emotions are in a cycle - and we will learn to break this cycle with a new exercise: the Tree. By drawing one of your own "trees of suffering" - we'll get more clarity on our own cycle and empower ourselves to respond instead of reacting. This exercise is a useful tool for a lifetime - and it also has a research-based twist, with a proven effect.

DAY 4: Where Difficult Emotions Come From?

We'll now go deeper - at the roots of our emotions. We will learn why we seem to have difficulty with the same emotions - and even why we 'stumble' over and over again into situations that activate the same feelings.

We'll talk about the Attachment Theory and dive right into your experiences as a child - with an exercise I call "Circle of Security"- that has a great impact for us as adults and will give sense and understanding for what you are feeling in difficult moments. This is not the only exercise in this session, as we will learn a new tool - "Circle in the hand" - based on a very insightful story.

DAY 5: What Happens When We Don't face Difficult Emotions

Many of us we were taught to "be strong" or not to accept emotions that are difficult. But what happens when we don't face emotions? We will see that actually, they cover themselves up into 3 main strategies: avoidance, lingering or criticising.

We'll also approach an important topic: Working with Intensity of Emotions and we will learn to use the "EmotionMeter" - a tool to identify when emotions are too intense and to slow them down enough that we become skillful in handling them.

DAY 6: The path to well-being: these simple steps will start the CHANGE

Now we are ready to work on the neuroplasticity of our brain. We will create new pathways - not only dealing with the difficult - but also the path to well-being, so that in every moment, the mind will be able to choose its way for any experience.

I will guide you through a new meditation - Taking in the Good - so that we can put the theory into practice and develop a new pathway in the brain.

DAY 7: Accessing an Essential Healing Ally

The newest psychological research reveals the power of self-compassion when dealing with the difficult. But for the most of us, self-compassion doesn't come easily - it needs to be trained.

In this session, we'll do exactly that: we will train our self-compassion muscle with a meditation called "Filling the cup". Just as our body needs a cup of coffee, tea or water in the morning, our mind needs its cup of kindness.

DAY 8: A Quick and Efficient Approach to Difficult Emotions in Relationships

Difficult emotions usually get triggered by a person - and usually the ones we care for most will be the ones that challenge us more - did you notice that?

In this session we'll explore How can I express my difficult emotions? And How can I relate with somebody who has difficult emotions that I feel I can't handle?

When someone triggers difficult emotions in ourselves, we can take it as a sign of information. “I hear how angry/sad/frustrated you are. This must be very important to you.” If there’s emotion, something matters.

We will do a practice that will help us connect to anyone in a new and fulfilling way. Then - then “the piece of resistance”: I will share one of the most important rules for any kind of relationships - a rule that that only a few talk about clearly but it’s so valuable.

DAY 9: Seeing the Bigger Picture and Empowering Ourselves in Face of Difficulty

We practiced recognising the difficult, then we learned that the way we relate to it - the quality of relationship with the difficult is important... Then we practiced kindness, compassion… And we will start this session with a model of listening and expressing difficult emotions. But still... is there something missing?

Today we will work on this missing puzzle: what's REALLY important for you. We'll go through an exercise that will reveal the true core-values that are uplifting for you. They go deeper than emotions, thoughts, reactions. This special exercise has the power to bring them upfront.

DAY 10: Painful Emotions, you don't scare me anymore! Setting the Next Steps for Emotional Healing

This final session is an exploration on what's next. We'll review each practice and focus on the Why, When and How to use each of them from now on - growing tools for resilience. This course was meant to be practical. There are enough books written in this world and enough information... But real change starts when we really put it in PRACTICE. This is not a panaceum. But if you do the practice, I assure you difficult emotions will feel less difficult.

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Your Instructor

Adriana Spataru
Adriana Spataru

ADRIANA Spataru is a Psychologist since 2006 and a Mindfulness & MBSR Teacher known for her practical approach and passion for investigating patterns in the mind. She is also the Founder of Mindful Psychology and Fresh Mind. In her own language, her family name - Spatar - means... backrest... that of a chair or a sofa- the part that supports our back when we feel tired or just in need of something to hold us. Offering a 'backrest' for others - this is the basis of all her teachings.

She has thousands of hours invested into her professional development: she has a Mindfulness Teacher diploma in MBI (Mindfulness-based interventions) and MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction) - considered "The Golden Standard" in Mindfulness; she is also a Mindful Coach, Mindful Educator, has extensive training in CFT (Compassion focused Therapy), she is a Trained Professional in Neuroplasticity (Rick Hanson) and also trained with Google's Search Inside Yourself Leadership Programme - the most successful training at Google. She teaches live and online mindfulness and compassion-based courses, in group settings or 1-on-1.

Adriana has also over 13 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur - she developed a market-leader company into the construction research field, so she mixes practical approaches with a deep psychological view. And yes, in that position, she experienced a lot of stress, fatigue, worrying and being overwhelmed... But as a Psychologist, she was - and she's still dedicated to bring psychological tools - the ones that psychologists have in their 'secret' toolkits - to help and make people's life more... fresh and full of flavour.

Course Curriculum

  DAY 1: Hands-on instrument for Dealing with Difficult Emotions
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  DAY 2: One of the most powerful psychological tool EXPLAINED
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  DAY 4: The root-source of our difficult emotions
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  DAY 6: The path to well-being: these simple steps will start the CHANGE
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  DAY 9: Empowering ourselves in face of difficulty
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  DAY 10: Painful Emotions, you don't scare me anymore! Setting the Next Steps for Emotional Healing
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The practices in this course can be extremely powerful. Still, this is an online course where direct guidance from a psychologist is not always available, and it's not created specifically for your own specific challenge and your unique background. That being said, please follow this course only as you feel comfortable and stop at anytime you choose. This course is not therapy and it's not intended for people with severe trauma, bipolar disorders, severe and recurrent depression, psychopathy, or any other clinical disorder. Taking this course and any consequences that might arise are your own responsibility, and because these tools are powerful, please use it wisely, taking care of yourself.

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